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How to Enroll Your Child in Elementary School?

  • School Age

    • Children who turn six between January 1st and December 31st are legally required to enter and attend elementary school in March next year.

  • Admission Process

    • When your child reaches school age, town office or community service center will send school attendance notification to your address. You can receive the paper around December 20th. Under the standard of district set by the local education office, school is designated according to parents' residence.

    • In order to confirm your child needs to enroll in elementary school, you can contact your local town office or community service center to browse through the list of schoolchildren.

    • It is necessary that you should inquire directly about the enrollment schedule at your desired school because the annual schedule of both national and private elementary schools can vary depending on schools.

    • In case that you want to enroll your child in a school other than the designated school, you have to obtain permission from the principal of your desired school.

  • Early Enrollment & Deferring Enrollment

    • You can either choose to enroll your child early or defer enrollment based on your child’s physical growth status, academic abilities, and the like one year prior to or later than the school age.

    • Parents who wish to enroll their children early must visit town office or community service center in advance to apply between October 1st and December 31st every year.

  • Admission for Children from Foreign Family

    • Even if your child was born in Korea, in case of foreign family, school attendance notification is not issued. In this case, you should visit the nearest elementary school in the neighborhood with documents certifying your domestic residence.

    • Nonregistered foreigners are required to prepare documents certifying domestic residence such as house rental contract, a letter of guarantee, or documents for proving birth year.

  • Admission for Special Needs Students

    • A special class is for special needs students who are selected as recipients of special education based on Article 15 of the Act on Education for the Handicapped and Article 10 of the Regulations for Education for the Handicapped.

    • Students who are selected as recipients of special education are as follows: students who have visual impairment, hearing impairment, mental retardation, physical disability, emotional behavioral disturbance, autism, communication impairment, learning disability, other health impairment or developmental delay and whose needs cannot be met within the traditional classroom environment.

    • Admission procedures

      1. Parents’ or Principal’s request of selection and placement

      2. Assessment Test in Special Education Support Center within 30 days of sending

      3. Notification to the head of regional education support center or to the superintendent of education

      4. Notification to parents

      5. Assignment to a regular class and a special class in a regular school near residence